Saturday, September 25, 2010

There's Always Next Year?

The Mets were officially eliminated from playoff contention on Tuesday.  With their elimination came the time to really start looking towards next season.  There are a lot of reasons to think next year will be better than 2010.  It's not impossible to look worse than the 2010 Mets, but it certainly is hard.  With the combined embarrassments of management and the performance on the field, the season has been pretty hard.  I'm wondering if 2011 will be better.

I have no reason to believe the group of players on the 2011 team will be very different than anything we've seen this year.  The Mets need another starting pitcher but don't have the money to get anyone significant.  They need a second baseman that can hit but may have to live with a lack of offense from that position.  They also have make a decision about center field.  Oh yeah, they could end up needing a new lefty reliever with Perpetual Pedro up for a new contract.

The player situations are the small moves of the offseason.  I'm anxious to see what happens to the coaching staff and front office.  We already know Omar Minaya isn't going to be the general manager anymore.  That doesn't mean he won't be reassigned and ultimately stay in the organization, but I don't think he should be here at all.  This offseason should also mark the end of the Jerry Manuel era.  That also should mean all the coaches are gone, too.  The new general manager gets to chose a manager and the new manager gets to chose his coaches.

The Mets should have a sense of a fresh start in 2011.  New voices will be a good thing.  However, that could also mean a period of adjustment.  Maybe 2011 doesn't go perfectly.  Maybe the Mets don't make the playoffs.  I don't want a lack of success next season to lead fans to jump off a cliff.  Any changes mean an adjustment period.  I'm not looking for immediate results next season.

Of course, this is all just me.  The Mets have beaten me down and I honestly expect nothing from them.  A winning season would be great.  An average season would be nice.  A losing season would be expected.  It's sad but that's my mindset.

Anyway . . .

Let's Go Mets!

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