Wednesday, September 29, 2010


That's what I was this afternoon.  I honestly didn't have words when Mike Nickeas got his first hit as a Major League Baseball player.  It was a clean ground ball up the middle for a single.  You can watch it here.  He also got another nice hit to left-center later in the game.  He left the game as part of a double-switch in the 8th inning.

It was fun to watch.  He didn't really get a chance in his first start when all the hype was on the starting pitcher and Mike was basically there to keep him calm.  Today there was no pressure.  He was there to catch, he was there to hit.  He was just playing.  This year he worked harder than ever to fix his swing and have a good offensive season.  I would've been more than a little disappointed if Mike finally made it to the majors and then hadn't gotten a hit.  Seeing him standing on first base after his hit was great.

Mike was never a prospect but that doesn't mean his first hit is any less special.  Congratulations Mike.  You got your first two hits as a Major League Baseball player today.  Now I'm hoping for many more.

Let's Go Mike!

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