Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Such A Beautiful Picture

I got an assignment in acting class last week.  We had to find a picture and make a character out of a person in that picture.   That is what you need to know to understand this story.

All weekend I have been looking for a picture.  Not just any picture.  A special picture.  It is a magazine-type ad for the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I remembered what it looked like.  It had a girl.  She had her hat backwards was looking up at a monument in the HOF.  I could picture it perfectly in my mind.  But, I could not find it.  On Friday night I looked at every Sports Illustrated I could find in my house.  I looked in three Mets yearbooks and a few Mets magazines.  No luck.  I even looked in the Spring Awakening playbill.  What?  I did not find the picture.  I had pretty much given up.  I looked for the Spamalot playbill, half to find the picture and half just to find it, but I had no luck.  I decided I would just go on the computer and print out a similar picture.  In addition to the similar-but-not-quite-as-good picture I printed out I found a guide from my last trip to the HOF.  I really had lost all hope of finding the picture I remember so vividly.

With my lost hope I decided to look at the Mets 2006 yearbook.  More for fun and to find Xavier Nady.  I looked at the copy I have that was taken apart at some point and I wanted to see if Xavier's picture was out so I could hang it up.  I still don't know if it is.  I don't know because I got distracted.  Yes, I was distracted by a most glorious picture.  It is the picture.  I found it in the Mets yearbook I refused to look at originally.  I didn't want to open the good copy I got as a gift and thought I had seen the picture in something more recent.  Alas, this was what I had been looking for all along. 

Oh, it's so nice to find what I'm looking for in the last place I look.

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