Sunday, September 5, 2010

How David Wright Saved My Softball Career

We all know David Wright sticks out his tongue when he plays baseball.  What you may not know is that I also stick my tongue out in similar fashion.  You also may not know that I almost had to stop sticking out my tongue in similar fashion.

It was 2005.  I was having a catch with my dad and he noticed I would stick out my tongue on every throw and all the tough catches.  He told me to stop.  He didn't give me a reason, he just said it had to end.  I was a little peeved.  I wasn't trying to stick out my tongue, it would just happen.  I didn't do it because of David Wright, but I was aware that he did it too.

"But, David Wright sticks out his tongue!"  I tried to convince my dad it was normal.  He either didn't care or didn't believe me.  He simply told me to throw normally.  Still, he had not explained why he wanted to get rid of my seemingly harmless habit.

We would watch Mets games and I would look for David Wright highlights.  I wanted anything that showed him sticking out his tongue.  At the same time, I tried not to think about it when I played softball, but I knew I was still doing it.  I wasn't going to stop myself.  I didn't think it was cool, it was just something I did.

Eventually, we were watching a Mets game and they showed the highlight I needed.  Finally, David Wright made some play, I have no idea what kind of play it was, but he stuck out his tongue.  Not only did he stick out his tongue, my dad noticed he stuck out his tongue.

"Hey!  David Wright sticks out his tongue, too!  I guess you can keep doing that."

Let's Go Mets!

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