Saturday, September 4, 2010


Mike Nickeas made his major league debut today.  He went 0-for-2 and there were two wild pitches.  He just looked really nervous out there.  I was perfectly fine with what I saw from Mike today.  He was put out there in a tough situation.  It was not only his major league debut, he was out there catching the top prospect.  Jenrry Mejia was supposed to light up the world and it's the catcher's job to make him look good.  The wild pitches certainly didn't make him look good.

I don't know what other playing time Mike is going to see.  I'm hoping he'll get to catch Johan Santana.  That would give him a chance to play without all the pressure of who's pitching.  It really wasn't Mike's fault that Mejia didn't have his best stuff.

Mike looked nervous out there, and he had every right to be.

Let's Go Mets!

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