Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Wow. Last night was a great game and Mikey P. showed why we should all love him. He also showed us that he really needs to shave. The entire team needs to shave. It seems like they're growing team unity beards. And with the beards and new clothing designs they need some serious help.

Yes. I said clothing designs. Click here. Read about it here. Terrible. The Mets just like to make themselves look bad. I want to see pictures of the players wearing these. How in the world can Bobby Parnell wear a shirt like that without feeling the need to pull a Tony Bernazard? I think the Mets should play a game where they are all wearing the B-Parnz jersey. And then another in the D(avid??)Murph jersey. Then they would have a disabled list party with the requirement to get in being in a Maine, Putz, or Sheffield jersey. And then you can use the cap to hide your face in shame. This would be a good promotion if it was from the Royals or Pirates. But the Mets have made such fools of themselves this week that this is putting salt on the wound. I don't even know what else there is to say.

Oy vey.
Let's Go Mets!


mandachan said...

yeah, usually the beards are for when the team is doing epically amazing, like in the case of the red sox postseason beards or lincecum's lack of a haircut, but the mets aren't exactly in a good position in the first place, what with the media issues and the not-so-hot playing-ness...

Ellie said...

well, they are playing a little better and maybe they want to know what it's like to have playoff beards because they won't be in the playoffs

mandachan said...

you never know, they could have an amazing august/september run ;)