Thursday, July 9, 2009

This Could Be A Situation

Yesterday Carlos Delgado was throwing and taking grounders at first base. He is still far away from coming back but he is ahead of schedule and could be back by early August. His return is something Mets fans have been waiting for a long time. But depending on where the Mets are, should he get everyday playing time at 1B? I might just be feeding off of the amazing play by Murphy last night, but he has seemed pretty good at fielding at 1B. If the Mets are completely out of the race I would rather continue to give Murphy and, to a lesser extent, Evans playing time at 1B. It wouldn't really be worth it to give Delgado at-bats when the young players have shown they are capable of playing. It could lead to more 'Dump Delgado' chants.

But, if the Mets are in contention for a playoff spot, Delgado's return would be quite interesting. I definitely think Murphy has the upper hand defensively at 1B but Delgado is by far the better hitter. If Delgado could come back and hit the way he did in the second half of last year then I would give him the majority of the playing time. But, if he slumps and looks like the first half of last year then I would go with Murphy. After all, if the Mets are in this situation then Murphy would have been part of the team that has stayed in the race. This would be going on while I would see if Nick Evans could work out in LF with (very) occasional time at 1B.

Carlos Delgado's eventual return could turn into a sticky situation for the Mets.

Let's Go Mets!

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