Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Cause If You Jump I Will Jump Too...

...We will fall together"

I guess you could say the Mets are falling. But they briefly stopped that today. Johan Santana started his 2nd half the way he has been known to as well as the Mets offense not scoring until he was out of the game. But in the end it didn't matter because they scored just enough with Johan on the mound and then finally figured out how to score insurance runs. The 2 previous losses felt like a months worth of losses for the Mets, combined with the success of the Phillies the Mets were pretty down. But this win felt good. The Mets didn't roll over and give this one to the Braves. And when they let Frankie have some breathing room he finally looked completely dominant. It was a good thing to see.

Hopefully this game will quiet some critics for a little bit. While listening to WFAN this morning if one more person recommended to break up the core my iHome would've been broken. And then the only response that would be given is that the Mets are currently playing without their core and they flat-out suck. But if the Mets did break up the core hopefully Omar would be bright enough to find decent players to fill the holes. So, saying the Mets suck without the core right now isn't the same as saying the Mets would suck if they purposely dismantled the core. None of what has been stated above means I want the Mets to break up the core. Because I don't.

And let me just say that the only reason I would want the Mets to sign Julio Lugo would be because he would probably take the roster spot of Tim Redding. And any way to get Tim Redding off the roster is endorsed by moi.

Josh Thole was activated by the B-Mets so that will really cut down on the playing time of Mike Nickeas. Well, at least Josh Thole is also cute.

Let's Go Mets!

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