Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Too Excited To Think Of A Title

I already put all the pics on my computer and I'm going to make a big album with all of my Citi Field pics and post it. But for now I'll just tell you about my Mets experience from yesterday. My camera battery died after the first inning yesterday so I don't have too many from last night.

I got to the park basically when it opened and I went down to the front row between 1st base and right field. I watched batting practice and when the Mets were coming off the field Mike Pelfrey stopped to sign autographs. I happened to be wearing my Pelfrey jersey so I took it off and tried to get him to sign it. I failed. But there were 2 guys that thought it was cool that I had a Pelfrey jersey and one of them was in the front row. He took the jersey and it got to Pelf and he signed it. It was so cool and I couldn't believe I actually finally had Mike Pelfrey's autograph. I was the only person waiting with a Pelfrey jersey to be signed. There was one other person I saw wearing a Pelfrey jersey.

After that I went with my sister to meet my mom, dad, and brother all the way out in right field to watch the rest of BP. Nothing else interesting happened during BP but it was just fun to watch.

The seats we had were in the 2nd level next to the Acela Club and I couldn't see the Citi-vision screen but there were TVs all over that were showing the PIX11 feed of the game and in between half innings they showed whatever was on the big screen. I liked seeing the PIX11 feed because I got to see Jeff Francoeur and all his cuteness. Also, in the first inning when the replay of Jay Bruce's injury was on almost everybody in the stadium groaned in unison. I hope Jay Bruce will be okay eventually but the crowd reaction was quite amusing.

I really enjoyed the game and I ♥ Mikey P. for having the day start off well. Hopefully today he will give me more reason to love him.

Let's Go Mets!

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