Thursday, July 9, 2009

Get Consistent

Jerry Manuel has been beyond inconsistent and it really bothered me today. When I looked at the lineup tonight I saw Daniel Murphy, Jeremy Reed, and Brian Schneider were all out of the lineup. The Mets are facing a lefty so Jerry is playing the righties. That means Fernando Tatis, Nick Evans, and Omir Santos. None of them did anything for the Mets last night. While Murphy, Reed, and Schneider were all significant parts of the Mets win. Manuel spoke about playing the hot-hand and therefore, at least Murphy and Reed should be playing. When asked why they weren't playing tonight, Manuel said it's because the Mets are facing three righties this weekend. So, I'm expecting to see Murphy, Reed, and Schneider all weekend. And after the All-Star Break Jerry will have to decide whether to play the hot-hand or the platoon. Although, I'm not sure how anybody can get hot when they aren't playing multiple days in a row.

Let's Go Mets!

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