Sunday, July 26, 2009

This One Felt Good

The Mets haven't played well in a while. And when they play well for 2 days in a row it's fun to watch. The Mets haven't shown their offense and defense and pitching all at one time for a long time. Livan pitched well after the Astros gave up the first inning. I liked seeing him calm down when Mets fans everywhere probably thought the game would be out of reach after the first inning. Also, for the first time today, when the Mets were down 3 runs, it didn't feel like Mets were completely out of the game. The Mets played up to the Astros after they played down to the Nationals earlier this week and it worked. Hopefully this shows them that playing up to a team leads to wins. They are better than the Nationals but they let that get in their heads. They thought they could automatically win that series and didn't play their best baseball. The Astros posed a legitimate threat and came into the series on a roll. The Mets knew the Astros could play well and therefore they had to play well. If the Mets can continue to play up to the opposition then they have a chance to win some games. But they can't count on the worse teams to give up and let the Mets win.

The upcoming homestand will show a lot. If the Mets can play well against a good team in the Rockies and keep up the good play in a not as good Diamondbacks team and have all that energy carry over to the Cardinals they will look like a capable team. If not, they just won't have enough to dream about important games until next April.

The Mets ended a tough road trip on a high note.
Let's Go Mets!

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