Tuesday, July 28, 2009

They Still Played Baseball, Ya Know

I took a train to the city at around 2:30 yesterday and by the time I got to my dad's office the Mets had already fired Bernazard and Omar was preparing for his downfall. It was raining and there obviously wasn't going to be any BP. But we went to Citi early anyway.

When we got there we saw the right field corner was full so we walked around and checked out the bullpens. When we got back up we saw people signing in right field so I ran over to test my luck. B-Parnz was signing and I had my baseball out and got him to sign it. B-Parnz = #1. I waiting for a while in the same place until it started raining. Then we went to sit under the overhang and wait out the rain. The rain finally stopped so I went back down to the first row in shallow right field. There were a bunch of 10-12 year old boys there waiting for the players to come out. The rain continued on and off until about 6:45 so none of the players came out to stretch for a while. The first one out was Cory Sullivan. He stretched and threw with Murph. Then he came over and signed autographs. Cory Sullivan = #2. He went in and Jeff Francoeur was already out stretching. After he finished stretching he came over to sign. He was being cute and talking to everybody and smiling and making me love him even more. BEYOND CUTE! Frenchy = #3. So, it was a pretty awesome pregame. At that point I was telling myself I wouldn't care if the Mets won or not. I had already had fun.

But that was before the game started. And before Ollie gave up a 2-run homer to Tulo. Frenchy with all his amazing-ness hit a homer to get the Mets withing a run. But Ollie didn't want any of that and gave the run back on another homer. But the Mets refused to go down. In the 6th inning Luis Castillo lead off with an infield single and I knew something had to get started with that. The Mets scored with Castillo and David tying the game. One run on a base-hit, and one on a sac fly. The game was quiet until the bottom of the 8th when Rincon came in to pitch. He couldn't find the strike zone AT ALL and walked Luis and David. Murphy then came up and bunted Luis and David to 2nd and 3rd. Frenchy was intentionally walked to load the bases and it was left to Cory Sullivan. But wait! The Rockies were changing pitchers and Jerry was using a pinch hitter. When I saw Tatis coming out to pinch hit a bunch of bad words went through my mind. And after he got into an 0-2 hole I was expecting nothing. BAM! Was I wrong. First of all, it wasn't a double play. Second, he got RBIs. Third, it was a homer. Yes. A grand slam. Everybody in the stadium exhaled. Frankie came in for the non-save and the game was over.

3 autographs and a Tatis curtain call can't be a bad day.

Let's Go Mets!

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