Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baseball Is Boring Right Now

There. I said it. The Mets aren't in contention for anything and I kinda want it to be Spring Training of next year. By then the Mets might have new hope and lower expectations. Fans are going to stop coming to games if there is nothing to see. Omar has to make a move to keep both the Mets and the fans in the game.

The rumored proposed trade for Roy Halladay was too steep a price in my opinion. I am fine with trading F-Mart because in my mind he is an injury-prone bust. (But he's only 20 so I could be completely wrong) And I would keep Jon Niese out the trade. He has been thought of too highly to trade in the middle of a lost season. I don't really know much about Ruben Tejada so I'm not going to talk about him. And everybody reading this should know I think Bobby Parnell is off limits. The Mets already traded Joe Smith, I cannot live with them trading B-Parnz. I'm all for the Mets getting Doc but only if the price isn't so ridiculous. Otherwise, they could just pretend to negotiate and get the Phillies to freak out and trade their entire farm system to get him. The Philles deserve that.

The season will probably continue to be boring unless Omar or Fred does something drastic. It just isn't fun seeing the same group of players go out everyday and lose most of the time.

Let's Go Mets!

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