Monday, July 20, 2009

I Need A Distraction

The Mets have been seriously pathetic this year. When people are finally saying the Mets are done because of an injury to Fernando Nieve you know it's bad. But the only people that can be blamed for the injuries are the training staff. As much as we all hate Omar, I don't think he is going around beating up the players. The Mets didn't go into the season thinking they would need to use almost an entire team of 3rd or 4th string players. Daniel Murphy came into the season sharing the outfield with Fernando Tatis and Ryan Church. Now he's the starter at 1B. The Mets don't have the team they woke up with on April 1. (Pause: I ♥ Doug Brown) Ramon Martinez wasn't supposed to be in the big leagues this year. But the Mets lost Alex Cora and they needed a SS. Gary Sheffield shouldn't have been on a NL team but the Mets needed somebody to play LF. The Mets don't have the team Omar signed to win 90+ games.

The Mets aren't a team, they are a disabled list.

I'm going to the Yankee game tonight so I won't be watching the Mets misery.
Let's Go Mets!

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