Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This Guy Doesn't Deserve A Title

Mets VP Tony Bernazard is insane. Recently he challenged the B-Mets to a fight after a game. And he was serious. He even took off his shirt. To get the full story go here. If he is going to go around fighting the minor leaguers then he seriously should consider getting a new job. Perhaps as a professional boxer or MMA fighter. If anybody deserves to be fired it's him. With all of the Mets troubles he decides to start a fight, basically asking to be fired. I really have nothing else to say about Bernazard or Minaya or Wilpon. I just want something to happen and I'm tired of waiting. The Mets are the laughing stock of baseball.

The Mets are done and now it's time to clean up the mess. Starting with the front office, namely Tony Bernazard.

Let's Go Mets!

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I agree with you buddy, I don't know how this guy Bernazard has been able to stick around this long, I mean this is not something new here, this is something that has been talked about since last season. I don't recall what is was but wasan't he in the news last season for some more negative press? I love the Mets too, but I am tired of hering Bernazard name come up again.