Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Am I Going To Have To Buy It?

The Mets are selling Johan Santana's no-hitter. Take that statement wherever you want and you'll most likely end up in the same place as the organization. One place you could go is to the uniforms of players that did not even play in the game. The Mets are there. What about coaches and other uniformed members of the club? They are there too.

The Mets are so far in those strange directions that the jersey of bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello is garnering more interest than that of some players. One of those players is Mike Nickeas. The jerseys only have about half a day before the bidding ends and Rac's jersey would sell for $10 more than Nickeas's.

I know Mike said it's not over yet and I seem to be the easy candidate to swoop in and buy the jersey, but it won't be happening. The only way I would spend every cent of my graduation money on a jersey would be if Mike Nickeas personally handed it to me. I worked far too hard to spend all of my graduation money on one thing that I can barely pretend to wear. I love Nickeas, but even I have boundaries.

On the other hand, I would buy a hat in the blink of an eye. So if anyone has a Mike Nickeas hat they would like off their hands, I'm your girl.

Let's Go Mets!

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