Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why Can't We Be Friends?

The Mets off-field story of the day has been about them reprinting tickets from Johan Santana's no-hitter. Understandably, some fans are irked by this move.

There is nothing wrong with wanting your ticket to be unique and valuable and special to you and only you. However, putting people down for not being at the game is utterly ridiculous. Nobody messed up by not going to the game on June 1, 2012. It was one game out of 162 (or 81 home games). There was no way to know Mets history would be made that night. It could have happened August 23, 1999 or May 18, 2006 or any other game day. The fans that go to a handful of games each season may not have chosen to spend that Friday night at Citi Field.

Each fan experienced the no-hitter their own way. The ones at the game were on the edge of their seat there. Others could have been on the edge of their couch or the edge of a seat at a restaurant or sitting anxiously in their car. There is no reason for anybody who was at the game to act superior to the fans that were not at the game. The fans at that game were luckier than ever to witness history that night.

I want to be able to enjoy the no-hitter with every Mets fan. I do not want to have to worry about being put down because I didn't happen to go to that game.

Let's Go Mets!

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