Sunday, June 10, 2012

Because We Need Something Positive This Weekend

This season has started slowly for Kai Gronauer. He has not really hit his offensive stride yet and it is already June. However, his past few games have been better and tonight was another good step for him.

Kai had two hits tonight which raised his batting average almost twenty points. He is also hitting .278 in his last ten games and has hit .280 against left-handers all season.

Earlier in the season he said he was happy with his defensive game but he was still looking for his offense. He has served as the backup catcher behind Juan Centeno all season for the B-Mets so it would obviously take a little longer for him to get on any type of offensive tear with limited playing time. Hopefully his last few games will help him find his stroke for the rest of the season and maybe even get him more playing time.

The B-Mets won 12-0 tonight which is a nice glimpse at their season. They got a great start from Darin Gorski, who has also been great this season behind Zack Wheeler. Matt den Dekker and Eric Campbell had a combined five hits tonight after Matt had five hits on his own yesterday and they have lead the offense this season.

I know Kai Gronauer is not a prospect on this Binghamton Mets team but he's one of the reasons I'm following. The team as a whole is pretty fun and seeing Kai improve just makes me like them that much more.

So if the Mets ever have another rough weekend (which they are bound to have during such a long season), look for the B-Mets and see what they're up to.

Let's Go Mets!

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