Friday, June 15, 2012


Instead of doing my Twitter recommendations on Twitter this week, I am going to write them here. This way I can write why I am recommending these awesome tweeters and maybe it will convince my Twitter-less readers to join.

Tonight I will feature a few of my favorite female Mets fans. They all know just as much as any other fan out there and should be resources for any other fan.

@juliaaquadrinoo and @laurengeld are two of the coolest Mets girls out there. The former is the biggest, most sincere David Wright fan you will find and the latter is Justin Turner's most dedicated follower. I love following them and being able to enjoy the Mets success with two really awesome fans. I really don't know what else to say about these two. It is just so much easier and more fun for me to be a fan because I get to share the Mets with them.

@A_AmberC is an expert on the B-Mets. She literally knows the team and knows more about the future Mets than any other fan I can think of. I love that she keeps me updated on Kai Gronauer but if you like Robert Carson or Zack Wheeler or any actual prospect I'm sure she wouldn't mind telling you about them either. It's also really cool when there is one player that you've been following through the minors (coughmikenickeascough) and she knows him and you have someone to be excited with.

There are a ton of other cool Mets girls on twitter but tonight I felt like telling you about these three. They all deserve a follow so if you're not already reading their tweets, go look at a few.

Let's Go Mets!

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