Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Urgent News

Well, not really. Actually, not at all. I just need to write about this stuff sometimes.

Some Mets beat writers have noted that Mike Nickeas recently got a haircut. Apparently before one of the games against the Yankees, Ike Davis was messing with Mike and calling teammates over the check out his new cut. The "news" today was that Nickeas had gotten yet another haircut because the first one was terrible.

. . .
. . .
RIP Flow
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. . .

Due to the fact that I am not in Florida to see the Mets in person I have not seen the haircut. What I have noticed on TV is that Kirk Nieuwenhuis no longer has the curls hanging out of his cap and Ike Davis looks a little bit cleaned up. Maybe it was a group haircut outing? If that is the case I want to know whose idea it was to bring Mike Nickeas.

During an interview earlier this season David Wright joked about how he simply goes to a barber shop while other guys (and he specifically mentioned Mike Nickeas) have to go to a specific place and see a specific person and he made fun of Mike for not even letting his sister cut his hair. Now we know why Mike won't let anyone else cut his hair. Apparently when he does, it turns out disastrous.

Well, disastrous enough to require a second haircut.

I know you are as worried about this as I am. We must figure out how this happened.

The Mystery of the Shorn Flow.

Right now my money is on a trim gone awry. However, we may never know the truth.

Let's Go Mets!

Yes, I know I'm weird.

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