Friday, June 1, 2012


When I think about it, I lose my breath. The Mets finally have a no-hitter. Johan Santana threw 134 pitches. Josh Thole called the pitches. Mike Baxter contributed an outstanding catch against the left field wall.

The best part is, it is all real. This is not some dream or movie or video game commercial. It really happened. Every fan has their own story of the night, whether they were lucky enough to be there or they enjoyed the game on TV or through the radio. Gary Cohen was pretty excited on SNY and somehow Howie Rose was even more enthusiastic on WFAN. No matter how you followed this game, it was special.

I sat curled in the same position on my couch with one hand holding my head up and the other fidgeting with whatever was around. I was supposed to take the garbage out after the fourth inning but kept pushing it off. I had to go to the bathroom since about the same time. But I didn't move until the end. At this point I'm not embarrassed to admit I had my Mets teddy bear on the couch with me. And my dad sitting on the adjacent couch. My Yankee-fan brother finally realized what was happening in the ninth inning and joined us. My mom wandered in and out of the room as she does when games get too stressful. I have to mention it was her birthday because this was a pretty cool gift from the Mets.

In all my exhaustion from going to prom yesterday I almost thought this would be a game I'd miss the end of. I'd go to bed early and have it on the radio as I fell asleep. Had there been a rain delay that probably would've happened. However, the rain was weak and didn't deter Johan Santana from making history.

Tonight was a night no Mets fan will ever forget.

June 1, 2012.

Let's Go Mets!

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