Wednesday, February 3, 2010

15 More Days - ST Countdown

Here we go. Just barely over 2 weeks until baseball is back.

And apparently I'm an idiot or just really like forgetting about the D-Backs so I didn't remember Dan Haren.  Now this is fixed.  And he even gets a picture:

The first #15 is obviously Carlos Beltran. Even though I am mad at him, he has to be included.

Tim Hudson is in a really great 'This Is SportsCenter' commercial.

Another #15 is Andy LaRoche of the Pirates.

Dustin Pedroia is pretty cool. He's one of the few Major Leaguers I'm taller than.

And this post would not be complete without Gordon Beckham. Don't ask me why, just accept it.

That's all for today folks!

Let's Go Mets!


mandachan said...

dan haren, too. don't forget him :)

cici said...

Dan Haren.