Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Couple Of Things Before zzzzz's

1. I updated the post for the Spring Training Countdown - 15 days.  I forgot about Dan Haren and didn't see the comments because blogger didn't tell me they needed to be moderated.  (I went to comment moderation because there was some spam problems.)  But now he is there and he is the only one with a picture in the actual post, so he should feel special.

2. It's officially baseball season!  Well, unofficially officially.  Football season is over.  Congrats to the Saints and their fans.  The cutest moment of the night was seeing Drew Brees holding his son after they won.  It was completely adorable and surpassed the Puppy Bowl for cutest moment of the day.  But it's time for BASEBALL.  The Mets will finally be relevant again.  At least, they will be to their fans.  No more football talk.  It will be baseball and hockey (and basketball, but I don't like basketball).  But mostly BASEBALL.

Let's Go Mets!

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