Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm Not In The Mood - ST Countdown

Michael Del Zotto is injured.  Now my favorite Rangers are becoming the Mets.  Right before I go to the game on Sunday.  I miss MDZ.  Therefore, I am not really in the mood to find special players who wear #6.  But I will give you a few pictures of Mikey DZ.


Let's Go Mets!


cici said...

Del Zotto got injured by the Penguins...aren't they evil?
He got like 50 stitches in his chest...maybe it's good the break is coming up so he doesn't have to miss a lot of games.

Ellie said...

It was terrible. (And I was at the game today and didn't get to see him play.) But I did enjoy Dubinsky calling Crosby a Penguin during his interview after the second period of the game. That made me kinda happy after Del Zotto went down.

He says it's swollen and gross looking and yet, he wants to show it off to everybody on the team. I love him so much!

cici said...

Er...why was Dubinsky calling the Penguins' captain a Penguin enjoyable? Or did he say it in a way that was a stark contrast to the way the puck bunnies say it? Cause that would be enjoyable.
Glad the Rangers won when you saw them.

Ellie said...

Oh whoops! I meant he called Crosby a baby.

I guess that's a sign I really can't think (type) clearly when it's past 11 o'clock. haha.