Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm Still Sore but Not As Exhausted

I had more practice this morning and I haven't gotten much out of it except that I have to keep my tongue in my mouth. I stick out my tongue when I am concentrating, like David Wright. A few years ago my dad tried to get me to stop but then he saw David sticking his tongue out and said it was okay if I did. But, now I feel awkward at practice sticking my tongue out.

Mike Pelfrey is starting today and it's like the one home game that isn't televised. It sucks. But I'll listen on the radio and picture Mikey P. in my mind. Hopefully he'll do well.

I am definitely going to have a post about Mikey P. up later.
Let's Go Mets!


mandachan said...

you guys're already started? we don't even have tryouts until the 23rd (and scrimmages don't start until that saturday)
i'm probably gonna die at tryouts but i've been practicing with my stepdad and going to the batting cages a lot recently to try to soften the blow.

Ellie said...

we started yesterday but all of the other sports started earlier than jv softball for some reason. most teams had tryouts but we didn't because there was only like 17 of us so there's no cuts. the rest of the tryouts for other sports ended yesterday so we started last for sports at my school.

i didn't know it was so early.