Sunday, March 8, 2009

They're Dropping Like Flies

The Mets already have 16 members of camp out because of the World Baseball Classic and now the players that are still in camp can't seem to stay in camp. Mikey P. is out with a lower left leg strain, Angel Pagan went back to NYC for an MRI and Johan hasn't appeared in a game yet. Earlier this week Ryan Church had to miss time after getting a nasty bruise from fouling a ball off of his knee. The Mets have been basically playing all of their minor leaguers because they are the only ones that are available.

In the Mets game against the Nationals there are only 4 position players that have a chance to make the opening day roster.
On the other squad 5 of the players have shots at the big league roster.
There are only 3 starters in the combined line-ups.

David Wright hasn't gotten a hit with team USA but hopefully he'll finally break out of the mini slump tonight.

2:56- I didn't get to finish this post until now because my bio tutor came. Oh well.

Let's Go Mets!


JDominy said...

just wanted to say I like the Blog mets are a pretty good lookin team hopefully they can play like it i personally am a pirates fan i'm tryin to be optomistic about us

Ellie said...

thanks! i always feel like the pirates have a chance to win but they never seem to be able to put the pieces together.