Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Let's Hold Onto Each Other, Above Everything Else"

I do a lot of thinking during gym class because we are doing bowling so it gets kinda boring. So, today I was thinking about Mike Pelfrey. I'm not really sure why but I was. Then, when I got home I checked the score of the Mets game. They were getting crushed. But, Mikey P. had started the game! I'm not happy he got crushed but I thought it was weird that I was thinking about Mikey P. and then it turned out he was pitching while I was thinking about him.

Freddy Garcia was sent down to minor league camp. That basically hands over the 5th starter's job to Livan. It's too bad I still don't remember any of the puns. As long as he can "eat some innings" then I think he'll be fine. A 5th starter isn't supposed to pitch like Cy Young. But if he did it wouldn't upset me. And maybe Tim Redding will find himself again. I hope so. I was rooting for him to win the job, but his injury killed his chance.

David, JJ, and K-Rod came back to camp but they will all get time off before playing again. David will have some time for his toenail to grow back.

And lastly, SAY NO TO THE STACHE!!!!!

Let's Go Mets!

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mandachan said...

(i know this song too :) )

yeah, it's a POSTSEASON beard, not a preseason one! he looks ridiculous. kinda like alex did with his beard.