Saturday, September 26, 2009

He's Not Bad At All

Ever since Cory Sullivan has joined the Mets he has given me something to smile about. I can't recall him doing anything that has lead to a Mets loss, despite the majority of games ending in a loss. Last night he had the go-ahead 2 RBI hit in the ninth inning. And it was as a pinch hitter. Since the return of Carlos Beltran, Cory hasn't started many games. But when he was a starter, he provided many strong defensive plays in left field as well as getting hits when he needed to.

Yesterday I said I wanted Jeff Francoeur back on the Mets next year and I want him to be part of the future. I also want Cory Sullivan back next year. I know the Mets should look for a power bat in left field but Cory would definitely be somebody good to come off the bench. Cory has some of the best baseball senses I have ever seen and really is a winning player.

The Mets would be stupid not to bring him back next year.

Let's Go Mets!

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