Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why David Ditched The New Helmet

In today's Mets game David Wright went back to wearing his regular helmet. I don't have the exact quotes but he says he stopped wearing the helmet because it became a distraction. Some people might say he should stick to the safer helmet but I'm with David on this one.

If he is wearing the S100 helmet it becomes another distraction during his at-bats. Being distracted when 90+ MPH pitches are coming isn't a good thing. And while the S100 helmet does provide better protection for pitches to the head, the majority of pitches are going to be around the plate. So, he'd be wearing the bigger helmet uncomfortably to protect himself from a small percentage of pitches while he could be wearing the smaller helmet more comfortably to produce off of the majority of pitches.

I truly believe he is ditching it because he doesn't feel comfortable and not because of the looks and the ribbing from players, the media, and fans. Last night when he pinch-hit he used a double-flapped S100. He was trying an alternative and didn't like that one either. If he was really leaving the helmet because of the aesthetics I don't think he would've tried the double-flapped helmet last night. In the end, neither worked out.

If he is uncomfortable and distracted wearing the S100 with 90+ MPH pitches, I don't want him wearing it.

Let's Go Mets!

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