Sunday, September 27, 2009

The One Where Robin Saves A Bunny

The Mets took the series from the Marlins because Pat Mische was amazing and Josh Thole called the amazing game. After the game, the Mets did their rookie hazing. Daniel Murphy was smart and stood in back to prevent everybody from figuring out what he was dressed up as. Lance Broadway was a nurse, Omir Santos was Robin (sans Batman), Tobi Stoner was a maid, the new trainer was a peacock, Bobby looked like Goldilocks, and Joshua was a Playboy Bunny. Josh is my favorite by far.

Bart Hubbach of the Post provided the first picture via twitter (I really have no idea as to why David joined the picture)

And Adam Rubin posts others on his blog:

group.JPGsantos.JPGparnell.JPGKen Takahashi's face is priceless:
Let's Go Mets!

I have never wanted to hug a bunny as much as I do now.

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mandachan said...

gotta love them rookie pictures :)