Friday, September 18, 2009

Yes, This Is An Actual Post

Thanks to the insanity that is school I haven't actually posted in over a week. Since then, the Mets have continued to lose and people have started to look towards what draft pick they should get, Grady Sizemore has had 2 surgeries and Joe Smith has been put on the disabled list.

But it's almost Rosh Hashanah and that means a weekend of little computer time for me. So, I will give you my favorite Jewish sports hotties.

Ian Kinsler

Ryan Braun

Robbie Gould

Brad Ausmus

Shawn Green

L'Shanah Tova!


mandachan said...

mr. 8-pack! :)

yeah school sucks. hope grady and joe feel better.

Caroline said...

Glad you appreciated Thole as a model. :)
I agree, Kinsler's hot, too. A bit on the short side, though.