Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh Pelf

As we all probably know by now, Mike Pelfrey didn't do well in his start on Tuesday night. And he was mad at himself. He was madder than anybody else was. Mike has had a disappointing season, but so has everybody else. It's been an off year for the entire Mets organization. But Mike has been healthy all year. He is one of a few players not spend any time on the DL. It's been a frustrating year all around. Pelf is hard enough on himself and with the media being so hard on him, it makes it seem like Pelf will never be a good pitcher again. I believe he can get it together. It just seems like everybody is tougher on Pelf because he has been around all year and isn't producing, so that gives them the right to focus all the bad on him.

Now, about the Helmet:

All of the jokes about the Great Gazoo and Space Balls have been made. But I think I'll just stick to calling David 'the Helmet'. I'm 100% for getting all the protection humanly possible, but the Helmet looks ridiculous. Last night the Helmet had 2 ear-flaps and that made it look a bit better. But, it still looks like David has a spaceship on his head.

It was all worth it for the smiles I saw from David. I'm happy he's back.

Let's Go Mets! P.S. Don't miss Josh Thole's first start today!!! The game's at 3:10 and it's on SNY and MLB Network!!!

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