Saturday, July 5, 2008

But What Are Their REAL Names?...

I have come up with nicknames for some of the Red Sox players because I have watched the games this weekend against the Yankees.

Jacoby Ellsbury- JACOBY (but in a high pitched, girly voice) or Hotstuff

Dustin Pedroia- Little Man

J.D. Drew- the Wall Crasher

Manny Ramirez- the Green Monster is my favorite bathroom

Mike Lowell- Mr. Gray and Proud

Kevin Youkilis- Kev

Co Co Crisp- isn't that nickname enough?

Jason Varitek- Captain America

Jonathan Papelbon- Sir Dance A Lot or Hotstuff 2


mandachan said...

a coupla weeks ago, the sportscasters were talking about how francona has nicknames for the guys, like how youkilis is 'youky' and pedroia is 'petey' and ellsbury is 'jake' and that john farrell is just john farrell, so when someone on the other team grounded into a double play, they're like, 'and petey throws it to youky for the double play'. and it took them a little while to figure out why ellsbury was jake.

mandachan said...

oh, and i learned yesterday that coco's real name is covelli. you never know what you'll find in espn magazine. (and joba chamberlain's real name is justin. same article)

Ellie said...

I like making up nicknames for all the players and in 2006 my sister and I came up with a buncha names for the Mets. The only one we really couldn't come up with was David Wright because I didn't want her calling him Davey.

mandachan said...

yeah, davey would be kinda stupid. one of my friends has insisted on adding a spanish twist to someone's name and calling him alexi gordón and it's really annoying.