Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This Is The Most Boring Sports Day!

So I will try to figure out which team I was really rooting for yesterday.

NL All Stars I was rooting for:
  • David Wright- DUH!
  • Chase Utley- major hotness!
  • Billy Wagner- he is a Met, right?
  • Ryan Braun- really cute
  • Nate McLouth- shares an outfield with Xavier
  • Matt Holliday- absolutely gorgeous!
  • Dan Haren- just look at him!
  • Ryan Dempster- have you seen his son?! and awesome glove movement stuff before he throws the pitch
AL All Stars I was rooting for:
  • Grady Sizemore- double DUH!
  • Joe Nathan- awesome
  • Ian Kinlser- a better version of Ryan Braun
  • Josh Hamilton- you have to be dead not to root for him!
  • Justin Morneau- really hot
  • Joe Mauer- as hot as Morneau but with side burns!
  • Jonathan Papelbon- hottie
  • Big Papi- loved how he sat with the NL at the home run derby until Hamilton started killing the ball
  • Cliff Lee- do I need a reason?
Well, there is one more AL person than NL so I really had no reason to be bummed out all day. UGH!

And Tim Lincicum- feel better buddy

Let's Go Mets!

I have been completely bored and have listened to this song tengazillion times so I thought I would share it:

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