Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Like the Sound Of That

I was at the game last night but I didn't stay until the end. It was fun to be there and see Mikey P. get the player of the week award presented to him. It was also nice to get a Mets bag for take HER out to the ball game.

This morning I read this interview with Mike Pelfrey. So, now I know that he is getting married November 21, and his nickname is Blackjack. That is some good information to know. Mike keeps coming up with more reasons for me to like him. I also got the Mets yearbook and it says Mike's favorite show growing up was Saved By The Bell. The yearbook also has a picture from the dugout in Spring Training and there are 5 players. Guess who the only player with a name on their jersey is? My "boyfriend" is the only one that doesn't have a number in the 80's (59) and he has his name on his jersey (Nickeas). That is one of the best parts of the yearbook.

It is really weird seeing Xavier in a Yankee uniform. He hasn't even worn the pinstripes yet and I am already uncomfortable.

Mets just won another game and another series.

Let's Go Mets!


mandachan said...

yeah, i would cry if alex or ellsbury got traded, especially to them.

Chris said...

Nice Post! Keep up the great blogging. I can't wait till the new Citi Field opens and the Mets play there. Go Mets!

The Baseball Collector