Friday, July 11, 2008

Onwards and Upwards, Backwards and Forwards

I have so much to say and I thought it would be good to start with a Willy Wonka reference.

But first, the Mets have been playing their best baseball since 2006 of late and they are becoming an exciting team. The hitting and pitching has started to click. The best way to see that is by looking at Johan Sanatana. He had gotten 12 runs of support in 6 games and the Mets finally gave him 5 runs of support. That gave him his first win in what seems like decades. The Mets also stayed in the game the entire time yesterday. When they gave up the lead it seemed like the bullpen would falter and it would turn into a 'call to the booth' game. But instead the Mets scored runs to take the lead back and eventually win the game. Now they need to take the series from the Rockies and go into the All Star Break on a high note.

Speaking of All Stars...David is an All Star! He would like to thank the little people and possibly Alfonso Soriano. Well, I have to confirm that with him.... but he took the roster spot Soriano left because of an injury. I just have to say, FINALLY! David has not had the seasons he had in the past 2 seasons but he still has better numbers than Corey Hart (his daughter is AH-DORABLE!) or possible Aramis Ramirez (although he hit a go-ahead homer to break up a 0-0 tie today). But David deserves to be there and he definitely gave me a real reason to watch the game. (Hopefully Billy won't blow it for the NL this year).

And I am all for the Mets getting Xavier or Matt Holliday as long as the deal doesn't include any of my "untouchables". And you should know who they are! I have been really obsessed with Xavier lately and am trying to find some new pics of him. If I find anything really nice I will post it...

Mike Nickeas took an 0-fer with 2 walks yesterday. His batting average is only .200. But I still have confidence!

And finally, I have had this song stuck in my head all day...

Let's Go Mets!

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mandachan said...

i went to another defenders game last night, but the b-mets aren't playing them at home again this season, so i couldn't watch your boyfriend play. good game, though. and i love my alex gordon baseball card :D