Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This Is Truly Awesome!

Last night during the Mets' debacle of a game I explored the Mets Lounge message boards. And I found this:

On each player's page, there is an ID number in the URL.

Take that player ID, and replace the X's in this URL:
(Also remove the space after http://. I added it so the forum doesn't shorten the URL)
So, I did that and it amused me more than it probably should have. I was LOLing while my dad was reminding me that I was amused by the fact that all of the players have bodies.

Ya know what, be like Nike and Just Do It!

Let's Go Mets! My mom thinks he looks dorky


mandachan said...

he looks like a little kid posing for those dorky school pictures :)

Ellie said...

ur right! but i still love him!

mandachan said...

oh, and what happens if the player's mug shot sucks to begin with? 'cause someone's picture looks like he has a double chin and has been smoking something. same with hochevar (well, he's just making a funny face)

Ellie said...

I saw THAT pic last night. but the hochevar face isn't as funny as the face ramon castro made last year when he was sticking out his tongue.

mandachan said...

i didn't see that one. but i always hate when they either have hochevar's mug or alex's mug on the website 'cause they're such bad pictures.