Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Here We Go...

I have a lot to say so stay with me.

First of all, I went to Fan Fest on Sunday and it was really fun. I got a personalized baseball card and the stats that were on it were AH-MAZING! I also got 3 autographs from players from the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. Otherwise I just did Fan Fest-y stuff and enjoyed the day.

As much as I liked Fan Fest I like the Home Run Derby even more. When I got there it was absolutely packed and although I wasn't surprised by that it was frustrating trying move five feet. I didn't see much of AL batting practice but I saw all of the NL batting practice. At the beginning of NL BP, David ran out to center field to shag flies and guess who was with him! If you guessed Chase Utley you are correct! YAY! I got pics of them standing together and the hotness of the pics is too much to handle. Also during BP, David was put on the big screen in the outfield and he didn't notice so he started yawning and even though he was not having his best moment he was still hotter than most of the known world.

The player intros were fun. For Grady he 'looks younger than your children' and I cracked up at that while it is completely true!

Other notes:
  • Ryan Dempster's son is REALLY cute and he kept running onto the field so Dempster would have to chase after him. At one point he ran away with two bats!
  • The homer Hamilton hit that bounced off the wall left a mark over the Bank of America logo
  • The mascots came out and I need a separate set of notes for that:
  • I couldn't remember what the National's mascots name was but then I remembered and said Screech randomly and my sister gave me a really weird look
  • Mr. Met spent some time "talking" to Wally
  • Slider (Indians) tried to take down Gapper (Reds)
  • The RAYS mascot was introduced as the DEVIL RAYS mascot
  • The person in the Swinging Friar costume (they're not real?!) was a woman
  • Homer the Brave was lagging behind during the group photo and missed it completely
  • Fredbird (I think) made a failed attempt at a split

And Mike Pelfrey has been the best but he deserves his own post.

Let's Go Mets!

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mandachan said...

wow that's cool. i was watching it on tv and i remember youkilis walking around aimlessly with his kid, and the kid just decided to sit on the field and youk kept walking and almost dragged his kid a little.
and i didn't realize the whole deal with josh hamilton, that's incredible to come back from that.