Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Bored

There is nothing to do today without a Mets game to look forward to. Right now I am watching Wizards of Waverly Place and it is the baseball episode and Riley is REALLY cute! I guess I have a thing for catchers.

But otherwise, life is boring. Especially because the Mets didn't make ANY moves. I woulda liked if they got an outfielder like David DeJesus but that obviously didn't happen. In my mind Omar has a lot of questions to answer because he treats way to many prospects as untouchable. We all know the Mets farm system sucks so why not trade a few more players and look to completely rebuild it. If another team wants Jon Niese I don't see why Omar thinks he is so amazing and the Mets have to keep him. I am basically just majorly disappointed in the Mets and mostly Omar's inability to make a move.

I think I will update my iPod to stay busy.

Let's Go Mets!


Andrew Vazzano said...

I know she's way too young for me...but that girl on Wizards of Waverly place is hot.

Ellie said...

my bro likes selena gomez but her friend demi lavato has a really awkward smile

mandachan said...

k, crashing your wizards of waverly place partay. :D

about the trades: i'm glad the royals didn't move anyone (boyfriend #1 is safe for another year), i'm sorta glad that the sox didn't boot boyfriend #2, and i'm mad that manny went to the dodgers and that pudge went to the yankees. (they always seem to ruin the good players)

Ellie said...

i was kinda hoping the mets would trade beltran for manny and jacoby, trade duaner for xavier, and muniz for grady.

but that is just in my perfect fantasy world