Monday, July 7, 2008

I've Had A Long Day

Ya know what happens when you have been at camp all day and have had just a little bit too much sugar? Well, you see this headline:
Phils place Gordon on DL to give elbow a break

As this:
ROYALS place Gordon on DL to give elbow a break

and then you freak out because you think hottie Alex Gordon is on the DL and something is wrong with him.

So the lesson is that you should go to sleep earlier and have less juice and more water at camp.

Let's Go Grady! the home run derby, which I will be at...

1 comment:

mandachan said...

dangit ellie! you had me fall for it too! although he is kinda doing REEEEALLY bad lately, so that would explain the suckage...

(thanks! you got me all worked up for nothing!)