Sunday, June 29, 2008

About the game...

I am finally posting about the game, so here it is:

I got there just as the Mets were coming off the field from batting practice.  I was bummed that I missed that but the events of the game were enough to make up for that.  At the beginning of the game the Mets took the lead and it felt good to be one of only a few Mets fans around.  But it got really annoying when Yankee fans would cheer for absolutely EVERYTHING that went against the Mets.  (But that's who they are).  And when the Mets took the lead and then gave it back a couple of times it was really bad.  But starting in the fifth inning the game got really fun.  After Delgado got the bases clearing double the Yankee fan sitting next to me said that the 2 run lead that the Mets had would not be enough for the bullpen to hold.  Little did he know, the Mets weren't done.  In the fifth inning something happened that people do not get to see on tv.  The stadium had finally quieted down after the Delgado grand slam but that didn't last long.  Some bozo ran onto the field into center field during Trot Nixon's at bat.  Security caught him finally and faceplanted him into the ground to let him eat some dirt.  But that only lasted for a short time.  And the Mets kept pouring on runs and the guy sitting next to me finally left.

For the first few innings the most interesting thing in the stadium was possibly a squirrel.  I first noticed it during pregame stretching in short left field with the Mets. It ran around the warning track multiple times and went into the Mets dugout a few times as well.  At one point it looked like the grounds crew caught it but it appeared later in the game.  It kinda reminded me of the weasel in Ned's Declassified.  The field really became a zoo as birds landed on it.  There was one that was on the line near first base and Fernando Tatis flinched to try to scare it but it didn't work.  Then the bird made its way to Jose Reyes who had fun being distracted by it.

I stayed until the end of the game and moved down to field level to watch the last inning.  I took some pics of the Mets shaking hands after the game.

Let's Go Mets!
...and Ryan is back in the lineup. YAY!

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