Thursday, June 19, 2008

That Was Better

Jerry got his first win as manager last night....or morning depending on where you are.  No name Perez blew an early lead but the Mets got through this one with a win.  It was nice that David came through in the ninth against K-Rod and Damion Easley always seems to come up when the Mets need him the most.  The bullpen was outstanding by pitching 4 scoreless innings and keeping the Mets in the game.  One of those people keeping the game close was Joe Smith so the rest of the post is about him.

Yesterday before the game started, SNY showed him with a pink backpack worn by the least experienced member of the pitching staff, usually in the bullpen.  

I don't think he was smiling like this when he saw the backpack:

Okay, so that is a half smile, but he has the cutest smile ever:

He also possibly has the worst golf swing ever:

But he looks so cute in this picture:

He also looks a whole lot younger than everybody else in the picture.

Let's Go Joe!
...and while I'm at it...
Let's Go Mets!

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