Saturday, June 28, 2008

This One Really Hurts

I swear, the umpires of Major League Baseball are out to get the Mets.  It has gone on all year with the bad calls.  It started in the first series of the year when Carlos Beltran was denied the homer in Florida.  Since then, I can remember Beltran being robbed of another homer and I am pretty sure Delgado has been too.  (I know I don't have a very good memory).  But the thing is they have been hosed on many plays as well as their pitchers being squeezed.  Today Johan was thrown off when he was sqeezed during a Derek Jeter at bat.  The Mets also got a bad call on a tag play at first base.  Today the umps were even sitting in the dugout with the Yankees during the rain delay!  

I want the MLB to get all brand new umpires NOW!

Obviously, the game recap for yesterday will have to wait.

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