Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Just Saying

I was thinking about this at school today and I think National League pitchers are better conditioned than American League pitchers.  I mean, I am sure all pitchers are amazing athletes but NL pitchers have to prepare for all aspects of the game.  That includes batting and running the bases.  In the Yankee game Chien-Ming Wang injured his foot while running the bases and he will be out for a signifigant amount of time.  Who knows if this injury would have been prevented by not playing in a NL park and not running the bases.  I am just saying that NL pitches are ready to run the bases every time they pitch and pitching in an AL park might be somewhat of a rest for them.

I am just saying.

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mandachan said...

you got a point, there. i'm more of an AL person (red sox, royals, hello), and the whole DH thing has worked well, but the pitchers always look so bored when their teammates are up at bat.