Saturday, June 7, 2008

"You Tell Me You Always Know The Perfect Thing To Say"

The Mets have lJt 2 in a row and have stopped hitting.  David hit a ball hard and it went 390 feet but they were in PETCO Park so it was an out.  Johan Santana got hit by a pitch and the ump CALLED IT A STRIKE!  He was trying to bunt and the ump said he offered at it.  I understand that the ump cannot choose who he is going to give what call to.  But this is the ACE OF THE PITCHING STAFF!  More experienced pitchers get a bigger strike zone so why can't he give Johan first base for Pete's sake?!  And in the next inning he was out there he gave up 2 runs.  I am really upset about that call, if you catch my drift.

And to make matters worse, you know who is pitching tonight.  Maybe he will have a longer outing this time.

My "boyfriend" went 0-for-4 in the win by the Zephyrs last night.  He struck out and left 2 runners in scoring position with 2 outs.  Mike is batting only .214.  OUCH!

Let's Go Mets!

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