Sunday, June 29, 2008

Na Na Na Poo Poo, Perez Beat You!

Well the Mets won bragging rights in New York, so I had to. Perez was absolutely dominant as he usually is against the Yankees. At points it looked like he was about to lose concentration the way he often does but that didn't happen. He looked locked in today and gave up one run and absolutely no walks. He didn't lose anything with the brief but strong rainfall and he just looked very good in the outing today. But the Mets offense did not get many hits with runners in scoring position. Castillio got an infield single and Delgado hit a homer. The Mets had 12 hits and 3 runs. But they came away with a win and that is what matters.

They start a 4 game series with St. Louis tomorrow night with John Maine on the mound against Kyle Lohse.

Let's Go Mets!

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