Monday, June 30, 2008

Put Me In Coach!

Mike Nickeas is starting as catcher tonight for the B-Mets. One commenter that I will not name suggested giving up on him. I will never give up on him though. I mean, even if he doesn't ever make it to the Mets he is still somebody else to follow when the Mets aren't playing well. And he started the season in AAA so the Mets must see something in him. I know he is known as more of a catcher for defense and handling a pitching staff so as long as he can do that somebody will find a use for him. I just want him to keep playing and once he stops I will figure out what to do.

But for now... Let's Go Mike!

and seeing the way the Mets are playing tonight, I really need him!

and if you go to this photo gallery Mike is in the first picture. YAY!


Andrew Vazzano said...

Who would dare say such a thing???


Julie/ said...

Is Mike married? I'm guessing you know more about him than almost anyone else...and sorry if you might have already referenced it in some previous post. I ask because I notice a wedding band on him in that picture.

Ellie said...

Wow, I see that now. I am not sure, I wonder...

mandachan said...

i don't know who was the starting catcher when i went in may (obviously it wasn't him), but that's really cool. i hope he does well.
(sorry. half awake, sox lost >:| )