Wednesday, June 18, 2008

That Didn't Go As Planned

Jerry Manuel didn't win last night and I was really hoping he would.  But I did like his actions taken with Jose Reyes in the first inning.  He saw that something was wrong with one of the key players and didn't want to risk anything happening to him.  So he took him out of the game.  Sometimes I find it hard to believe that Jose Reyes is 25 years old because he really acts like he is 5 sometimes.  Last night he was obviously upset about coming  out of the game and did what any five year old would do, throw his helmet in disgust and storm away.  I also like the way Jerry went to the clubhouse to talk to Reyes between half innings.  What made that even better was that Jerry didn't come back until the half inning had already started and that showed he really cared about the players' actions.  But in the end the Mets played sloppy baseball and made 3 errors which made them all look like 5 year olds.

You know who Perez is pitching tonight
...So I will give you something nice to look at so you won't be too depressed.

Let's Go Mets!

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Awh, that sucks. I'm sure they'll do ace on their next game. Oh, Jerry Manuel sounds like a great guy.

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