Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Release Him To The Wild

I mean Willie.  Something big has to happen for the Mets to start winning again.  The players are not going to listen to Willie Randolph and that means somebody else has to come in.  Willie has shown that he can't handle a team that doesn't have the "perfect" players on it.  This year the Mets have a bunch of old and mediocre players.  In 2006 the Mets had players that all seemed to be at the top if their game.  Willie worked well with them and they always played the best they could.  This year the team needs something or someone to drive them.  They don't have that and they are not going to get that with Willie.  I don't have any ideas for possible managers but I know the manager will have to have fire and passion.  Willie never looks frustrated in the dugout.  He always clapping and he always seems to think "it's okay, we'll get 'em next time".  That doesn't work.  I would appreciate it if he occasionally looked upset when Aaron Heilman gives up a two-run game losing double.  Somebody has to knock some sense into this team and I don't care how it is done.  If it means firing Willie I am all for it.

Let's Go Mets!

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