Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Really Should Think Of A More Creative Title...

...but I don't want to.

The Mets won another series and they have won their last 3 series. Each one they have won the first and third games. Although that means they haven't gone on any winning streak it also means they don't get down after a loss. That is something that cannot happen. They used to win a few games and then get blown out in the next game. That would kinda take the air outta them and they would go on a prolonged losing streak. Now they win a game and they feel good about themselves. Even if they lose the next game I feel like they know they are going back out there tomorrow and they have another chance to win. This is the resiliancy they have shown in the past week. I mean, I know from this team that a week hasn't proved anything but I like the way they are playing. They haven't played sloppy baseball. Sometimes they lose focus and bad things happen. But they haven't lost focus completely. For one thing, Jose Reyes looks more locked in than he has at any other point this season. He has led off the last two games with triples and he is scoring Reyes runs the way he should. Another thing is that Carlos Beltran has been hitting the ball well for a substantial part of the season. I have noticed he has just been hitting into tough luck and today it was like his monster home run into the second deck used all the power he has had this year. David Wright hasn't been playing up to the level that he is normally at. But part of that could be contributed to how much he has played. He has played every game this season and he has said that when he feels like he isn't contributing because of fatigue he will take himself out of the lineup. Carlos Delgado is being Carlos Delgado (I have to remember to write something about him, this is a reminder) and he looks like he might be heating up but I have learned he looks like that a lot and then nothing really happens. Luis Castillo has done more than I expected but that is what happens when you expect nothing from a person. Other than that the Mets outfield has been completely confused and Brian Schneider has been a rock behind the plate while doing enough at the plate. The Mets starting pitching has stepped up except for you know who (and he even has a winning record) and the bullpen has mostly be reliable.

"Boyfriend" Watch: Today Mike went 1-for-4 with a homer (yay!) and a strikeout (boo!). His batting average in AA is .375.

The Mets start their series against the Mariners tomorrow night with Johan on the mound.
Let's Go Mets!

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